Welcome to Elite Force Imaging. We are the team photographer for Elite Force Martial Arts and Elite Force BJJ in South Florida. 

Under the "Galleries" section you will find groups for each Black Belt cycle. These will include shots from the prechecks, power weekend, the candidate portraits, and the Black Belt Spectacular (including belt awards). The individual galleries are password protected with a hint as to the password. If you did not get a password from your Dojo then please send me a message using the Contact section or my email address below.

If this is your first trip to the website, we have made it easy to find the special images you are looking for. The "How To Find That Special Image" link on the home page will show you how. It is a must read.

You can order images on line by following the screen instructions. Please check out my "Tips for Ordering Images" link on the home page. I do specialize in custom offerings such as gallery wraps, posters and greeting cards.  If you have any questions or special requests then send them along via the Contact section or email. 

I am available by individual appointment to photograph your favorite martial artist.  Please contact me regarding options and terms.


In June I acquired my remote pilot's license and now offer commercial drone photography.  If your business is construction, leasing, real estate sales or you need a personal or promotional image of your home or business then please contact me regarding options and terms.


Kindest Regards
Bob Arlen

[email protected]